Cancer Disceptions…

As I write this post, it saddens me that people everyday are subjecting themselves to the ravages of chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer, thinking this is there only hope.  I work with the public on a daily basis and my heart breaks as I hear of another person being diagnosed or dying of cancer.  There is so much trust placed in the hands of their doctors, that they are place on the proverbial pedestal and their words are the gospel truth.  Case in point, just recently, a client, whom I had only seen 5 weeks ago had been diagnosed with cancer and given 30 DAYS to live!  Why not 31 or 29????  Who died and made this person’s doctor, God?  When I last saw them, they were robust and full of life, and now, they can barely walk and appear to have aged 30 years!  The mind is amazing and powerful.  It can lift you to the highest of heights or destroy you, all simply by WHAT YOU BELIEVE!

Case in point…this past May 2013, I read in my local newspaper, of a gentleman who went to see his doctor because he had suddenly lost 70lbs in a very short amount of time, was diagnosed by CT Scan, with liver cancer.  He had a grapefruit sized tumor and was given 2 months to live.    He was offered both chemo and radiation but declined both as he stated that he had witnessed others go through this therapy and if he only had 2 months, he was going to enjoy life and get his affairs in order.  He attended his banking and did all the legalities, even went so far as to have is name put on his parents gravestone.  At the time of the article, 15 months had gone by and he was feeling fantastic.  His doctor not want to be named, could not explain but did contend that this gent was always upbeat and optimistic.  The mind is amazing and powerful.  It can lift you to  the highest of heights or it can destroy you, all simply by what you believe!    It is said that if you do absolutely nothing after being diagnosed with Cancer, that you have a 27% chance of survival.  Chemo and radiation give you 3%!  Not very good statistics for all the billions of dollars raised to “find a cure”!

Modern medicine will never admit that cancer can be cured.  There is far too much money at stake if a cure is announced.  That is why it is up to the patient to do the research.  There are many reputable doctors prolonging life AND curing cancer.  I am attaching a link to a YouTube movie about Dr. Burzynski.  Even if you only watch the first 5 minutes, you will get an idea of what his therapy has done for 100’s of patients.  THERE IS HOPE!!!!  Do your research….  Check out   This is a great site to start your research.  No one can tell you how long you have…  Only you and “your creator” are in charge of that.  NO doctor has that power unless you give it to them!!!

Here is the link to the movie:   Just copy and paste it onto your browser to view.

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