Happy Family Day!!!

Welcome to February 2016.  Don’t know where you are but it has finally warmed up here to a balmy 0 degrees.  Compared to the -25 degrees we had for the last 2 days, this IS warm!  Now, down to business….

No doubt you have all heard about TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).  It has been touted the South Pacific Free Trade Agreement.  Then why, I ask, is everything negotiated in secret???   Follow this link and read up about it.  We do NOT live in a democratic society as the government would have you believe.   The ONLY thing they let us do is vote.  After that, they don’t want to hear from us, let alone listen to us.  Our MP’s must vote in agreement with the party policies NOT the constituents that voted them in.  Before I get off on a tangent, here is the link to the TPP   http://www.citizen.org/tpp   One of my well informed retailers recently opened my eyes to the dangers of this agreement and it must not be allowed to pass with it’s current conditions.  Kiss your supplements good bye!!   I make it a point not to watch the news as it is all very much controlled by the Pharmaceutical industry, heck, count how many drug commercials are on during any broadcast.   However, the dirty details of this agreement have never made it onto the news…no wonder.  It would cause an uproar, even amongst the usually polite Canadians!

The TPP is an international “free” trade agreement being negotiated by 12 countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Chile, Peru and Brunei.

But, here’s the thing:  A true free-trade agreement would be one sentence long and would read something like, “You can trade whatever you want between these countries”.

What the TPP is is a massive, fascist corporate takeover of those 12 countries in which corporate power supercedes national power.  Corporate officials who feel that they ‘ve lost some profit due to legislation imposed in a certain country will now have the right to sue the country for the lost profit.  Of course, when they sue the “country” they are actually suing the taxpayers of that country.

Education is our best defense.  Read and KNOW what this is about.  Then contact your MP and tell him or her that you are against this.  Or just let it go and kiss your freedoms good-bye.  That’s all I want to say on this topic at the moment.  Do with this information as you wish, but you can’t say now that you had no idea!

Thank you and Good Night!!!

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