High Dose Vitamin C

Today, I come to you from my living room, high dosing on Vitamin C.  I recently watched “That Vitamin Movie”, which is a documentary about mostly Vitamin C.  This truly is one of the miracle vitamins.  I very rarely get ill and as I sit and type this, my kids are still shocked that something has struck their mother down in her tracks.

So I decided to try this “high dosing” stuff.  First off, you must get either powdered ascorbic acid or encapsulated ascorbic acid (vitamin C).  The time release capsules, although good, do not work the same for high dosing.  I use 1000mg capsules.  Take 2 every 10 minutes until your tummy starts gurgling.  If you push your body past this point, make sure you are near a washroom as the results can be “explosive” if you know what I mean.   Once you reach the “gurgling” point, your body is at saturation level and has enough Vitamin C to work with.  20,000mg seems to be my saturation point.   More information can be found on Andrew Saul’s website, www.doctoryourself.com   Check it out, it is loaded with vital information on natural health.  Doses as high at 300,000mg per day have been used in cancer therapies.  Dosages this high though, must be done intravenously, as the bowels could not tolerate vitamin C at this level.

And before you ask, YES it is safe!!  Take a whole bottle of Vitamin C in one sitting and the worst that can happen is that you will be confined to a washroom for a period of time as your bowels empty.  Take an entire bottle of any of the NSAID’s on the market (common products that people take for pain and inflammation) and you will be lucky if you see the next day.  Heck, even a whole tube of fluoride toothpaste has enough toxins in it to kill a small child!  Read the warning label on the next tube of fluoride toothpaste you pick up, if you don’t believe me.  (and by toxins, I am referring to the fluoride itself!)  Ask you MPP at what point they thought that dumping toxic fertilizer sludge into our drinking water was good for us?  According to the FDA, fluoride is a drug.  Did you give the government permission to drug you???  But that is a whole other blog for another day!!

Follow this link to see the history of vitamins and how doctors have been using them to cure diseases for over 80 years!  http://www.doctoryourself.com/timeline.html

There have been NO deaths from Vitamins EVER!!  http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v12n01.shtml

It’s time that we start doing a little of our own research and stop the 100% trust in the doctors that just write prescriptions, for we all know who they work for, and it is not us!!!   $$$$$$

Just do your own research and find out for yourself.  Never take anyone’s word for anything.  What works for me, may  not for you.  And if you are under a doctor’s care, and pharmaceutical regime, best consult a reputable Naturopathic doctor.  It’s never to late to help your body to heal!!!



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