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I sit here today thinking about Rob Ford, former mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He is battling a rare form of cancer and already has undergone 1 round of chemotherapy.  He had surgery to remove the tumour after the first round, and of course, all seemed to be improving.  But if you know ANYTHING about chemotherapy, it has only a 3% success rate.  Apparently, there have been no new chemo drugs developed since the 1980’s, yet 100’s of millions of dollars are raised each year for a “cure”.  My friends, no matter what you may have thought about Mr. Ford and his policies, he is first and foremost, a human being with a wife and children and family and friends who love him.  There already IS a cure for cancer and it is not chemotherapy.  There is an excellent website www.cancertutor.com,  literally 100’s of articles and treatments for all types of cancers.  Remember, what works for one person may not work for another, as we are all different..But the medical community subjects every cancer patient that agrees, to the same treatment.  Now, I have read up enough to know that we all have cancer cells in us (we have all heard that).  Now why would such a deadly cell be part of our biological make up, there must be a reason.  Well there is, and I will explain it as clearly as I can.  EVERYTHING I have read about the human cell is the same.   Each one of us is a “community of cells”, upwards of up to 100 trillion.  EACH cell is a miniature of YOU!  Each cell is surrounded in a membrane (skin), it digests “food”, it excretes “waste” and it “breaths”  Yes, our cells require oxygen to survive, same as YOU.  Now the oxygen it obtains is not from breathing air, it comes from within.  Either your body is slightly alkaline and the cells are able to obtain oxygen, or you are acidic, in which your cells are oxygen starved.   If your cells remain oxygen deprived for an extended period of time, they will die, just as you would if you were deprived of oxygen.   What these cancer cells, that are roaming around your body do, is come in and “change” the cells so that they can live without oxygen, but survive on glucose (sugar).  That is why, if you have cancer it is ESSENTIAL that all sugar be eliminated from your diet.  This is how you starve the cancer cells.   Now whether you are acidic or alkaline, it is based on the environment your cells are in.  In short, what are you eating, breathing, putting on your skin, etc.  Of course, somethings are impossible to avoid especially if you live in the “big city” and breath fumes.  Other things can be controlled in the way of diet.  Some foods are acidic and some are alkaline.  Ideally, we should eat a 60/40 balance of alkaline/acidic foods..here is a link to a chart of the foods that you will find in each category.  Don’t go just by taste either, lemons are limes are alkaline NOT acidic..but beef, lobster and dairy are highly acidic.   Check this out   http://greenopedia.com/alkaline-acid-food-chart/    to see for yourself.  You can also just google “alkaline vs acidic food chart” for more information.

It is just sad that the medical community frightens cancer patients into chemo.  They are not allowed to offer anything natural for fear of losing their medical license.  EVERY option should always be offered, both conventional and alternative.  More informed decisions need to be made.   Ask any oncologist if they would ever expose themselves or their families to chemo and the majority would tell you NO.  It is essentially “drano” put through your veins.   If it is every spilled in a hospital, the gents with the hasmat suits are brought in to clean up.  Why all the protection for something that is supposed to be good for you?   Look up Dr. Otto Warburg.  He won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1931 for discovering that cancer cannot live in an oxygen rich environment.  We had our cure for cancer in 1931!!!  WHAT HAPPENED??  Big Pharma and GREED happened.

The chemotherapy drugs that are injected are designed to destroy cancer cells, but what they fail to tell you is that they also destroy white blood cells.  These are the building blocks of your immune system, which is what your body depends on to fight cancer cells.

I know of a gentlemen who was diagnosed with a terminal stage 4 brain tumour in November of 2012 and given only months.   He had surgery to remove the tumour and then opted for the natural route.   Of course it was a struggle and it did not happen overnight, but I am happy to report, he is still with us.   Don’t let ANYONE tell you that you are dying.  YOU and “your God” decide that, not a doctor with a medical certificate.    I know of another gent who was diagnosed with a liver tumour and given 3 months to live.  His doctor wanted to send him for chemo, but since he was in his 70’s he decided to skip that and just enjoy what time he had left and spend the time getting his affairs in order.  He prepared for his funeral, got the headstone ready, did his will, then enjoyed life and waited..and waited, and waited.   3 months passed, then 6, then 1 year…he passed away peacefully 18 months later after not doing ANYTHING different that he did before.  Had he gone to a natural treatment, who knows, he may still be around.  Point is, it was on his terms and he did not spend his last months suffering from the effects of chemotherapy.   My wish one day, is that chemotherapy and radiation (I will save that for another blog) will be illegal like blood-letting and injecting pure mercury (there is another blog post!)

I will leave you with a link to a movie that you can watch on youtube.com  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AF84nu9wEvc   If you do not have time to watch the whole movie right away, watch just the first 5 minutes.  It is heartbreaking and PROVES there are alternatives.    I wish Mr. Ford would have seen this movie.  I  pray he recovers and becomes strong enough to seek alternative treatment…   Good Luck Mr. Ford.


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