NaBloPoMo is HERE!!

I just read about National Blog Post Month and it is about posting on my blog every day for a month!  Well I am going to give it a good shot…  Not sure what I am going to write about, but my passion is and has always been, conventional cancer treatments in North America.  This is primarily where my focus will be unless, of course, there is always the inevitable tangent!  So once again, patience is appreciated and comments, even more so!!!


I have learned in my years of reading, that all human cells require oxygen to survive.  You have all heard that we all carry cancer cells in our bodies.  Have you ever wondered why?  Why would “God” (if that is your belief) or any other supreme energy, provide us with cancer cells, unless there is a purpose.  A cancer cell survives on glucose (sugar) and are anaerobic (do not require oxygen) to survive.  Our healthy cells NEED oxygen to survive.  When we eat the regular North American diet, full of sugar, we sit and watch 40 hours of tv every week, we drink alcohol in excessive amounts, we smoke, we stress over life and we get very little sleep, it eventually takes a toll on our bodies.  Our cells become oxygen starved!  In order for them not to die, the cancer cells come in and “convert” them into cells that do not require oxygen, so that you can live!  Once a cancer diagnosis is given, this conversion has been happening for many years.  Diet/attitude has EVERYTHING to do with healing.  Don’t let anyone tell you it does not!  Cancer rates have been climbing over the past 50 years with no end in site.  (Big Pharma is smiling!)  They will NEVER announce a cure for cancer as it is just too big a money machine.   Their answer to cancer is chemotherapy and radiation.  Yes, chemotherapy kills cancer cells, but it also kills white blood cells, (your immune system) which is what you need to rid your body of cancer.  Cancer is basically a disease of your immune system.   Build your immune system and the cancer will disappear.  Inject/ingest  chemo drugs and your immune system will slowly break down in its entirety.  Cancer patients body temperatures are, on average, lower than a healthy person.  Their body is more acidic then alkaline (optimum 7.2 to 7.4 on the pH scale), their cells are also lacking in oxygen.  Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize for medicine in 1931 as his research proved that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment.  Would it cost billions of dollars every year to oxygenate a cancer patient?  NO.  But sadly, no money for share holders in this therapy.

I could go on, and I will, but I have to leave info for my next 29 days of posts!!!  Tune back tomorrow!!!



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