Day 2!

It has taken almost everything in me to force myself to post something tonight.  I am up tomorrow at the crack of stupid on a Sunday morning to go to my paying job!  But I made myself a promise to try and stick with this along with planking, this is going to be an interesting month!

Now to continue on from yesterday and oxygenating the cancer cells.  There is a simple product that is probably in everyone’s first aid cabinet.  It is called Hydrogen Peroxide.  Now the therapy that I have used, uses hydrogen peroxide but not the 3% that you buy from the drug store.  There are far too many chemicals/stabilizers in this stuff.  The H2O2 that is used is 35%.  This you can buy online or from your local health food store.  The MOST important thing about this is that it NEVER comes in direct contact with your skin, your mouth or any part of your body without be highly diluted.  It is literally only a few drops in 500 ml of water.  Go to my web page on Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy and read up on it.   I have done this from beginning to end and have currently been on the maintenance for the past 18 months.   I do 5 drops every day, first thing in the morning, in a full bottle of water.   Now do not be temped to see if this stuff is really as powerful as they say.  It does not look powerful as a matter of fact it looks just like water.  It has no odour either.   So I thought, is it real or did someone just fill this bottle with water, so I put a drop on my palm.   I was expecting it to burn immediately like acid…so I waited…Nothing…and I thought, this is not as powerful as I had heard.  I did a quick rinse and went on with my housework.   In about 5 minutes, I noticed my palm itching.   When I looked at it, it had turned bright red…  IT WAS BURNING MY SKIN!   I had not rinsed it thoroughly enough and was starting to burn my skin….  Back to the sink I went…washed with soap and LOTS of water for 5 minutes….  the redness faded and my skin was fine.   Just be careful when handling…  and by the way, it does have a taste.   Once you get to the 25 drops in a full bottle of water, it tastes like bleach….

There is a good book that you can get online called The One Minute Cure which outlines the background of this therapy and provides good scientific evidence to its benefits.

Happy Reading!!!


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