Day 3!

Well made it to day 3 and let me tell you, if you have ever done planking you will know what I mean.  I just endured the longest 30 seconds of my life.  Not even giving birth to each of my 4 kids (without any medication) seemed to last this long!

Now back to my cancer rant….  I mentioned the H2O2 therapy to help oxygenate your cells.  Now I want to talk about the acidic/alkaline body balance (pH levels).  Our North American diet today is full of too many acidity based foods.  No wonder our bodies are acidic.  If they were more alkaline, cancer would not be so prevalent in our society.  Foods such as most vegetables, wheat grass and stevia or highly alkaline, whereas red meat, eggs, cheese, yogurt, breads, all sugars in sort, our North American diet is highly acidic.  There are numerous websites online.  Just google “alkaline acidic foods” and look for the word chart.   It breaks it all down…  If you have cancer, then all acidic foods should be avoided like the plague until your cancer is gone!

More information will be coming in the following days and weeks regarding the importance of diet…Looking forward to sharing what I have learned with you!



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