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BOOST your immune system!  CURE yourself!  ENERGIZE your body!  FLUSH out the toxins!  Be VIBRANT again!  You have the ability in you right NOW, to OVERCOME most illnesses!  If you were not born with it, that means you developed it.  If you developed it, then you can, more than likely, "un-develop" it!   Remember that old saying, "Garbage In, Garbage Out"?

When will you finally utter the words "I have had ENOUGH!  NEVER again will I settle for a temporary fix!  I am TIRED of being sick!"?   MAKE a DECISION!

Good health should not be BANNED or a CONTROVERSIAL/TABOO subject!  But the leaders in the Pharmaceutical industry would have you believe that once you are ill, you are destined to a lifetime of symptom maintenance!  They tell us they are working on a cure.  A cure means that you are FREE of medications.  Their idea of a "cure" is a medication that makes your symptoms disappear while you are taking it, but if you stop, your "cured" illness returns!   REALLY, are we now accepting this as our definition of cure?  Is this what modern medicine has reduced us to?   Convincing us that there are no cures just awesome symptom management?

Have you ever wondered where your vitality and energy has disappeared to?  Did you know that being sick and getting colds/flu is not a normal state of being?  Are you often overcome with exhaustion?  Want to undo this?  Read on...

Don't you just hate it when you have so much on your plate, with all that is going on in your hectic life and then the dreaded flu strikes you down?  What has Flu season got to do with cold, winter months? Did you know there are simple things you can do to reduce or even eliminate your chances of "catching" a cold that does NOT include swallowing a pill and compromising your immune system?  Did you know that 75% of your immune system resides in your intestinal tract?

Do you know what EXACTLY is in that flu shot?  Along with the mercury, and formaldehyde, you won't believe that it also contains these carcinogens.  The greed and arrogance of the pharmaceutical companies is taxing our immune system to the max, all at the expense of our health.   There is no cure to be found in a vaccine, only symptom suppression and a weakened immune system.

Do you stand by and watch helplessly while friends and loved ones wither away from the ravages of cancer, or should I say CANCER TREATMENTS, wishing there was something you could do?  Where is this cure that we are all raising money for?   Do you know why we all have cancer cells in our bodies, what "wakes them up" and what you can do, naturally, to increase your chances of never "sending them into action"?  Did you know that if you do absolutely nothing after a diagnosis of cancer, and refuse all conventional treatments, you have a 27% chance of survival compared to the 3% survival rate you get with chemotherapy and radiation?   Had enough yet?  When will be the time when we finally tell our governments that we are tired of temporary fixes?   Why do the governments spend so little on research using a natural cure?

Learn why the pharmaceutical companies are NOT looking for a cure for cancer!  It's time to turn the tables on this greed and start allowing the few doctors out there actually CURING cancer, the freedom to "get the word" out!

Learn why companies are all jumping on the "Pink Washing" bandwagon, it's not why you think!

Did you know that your doctor can lose his license and his livelihood, even if he casually mentions this?  Why can't our doctors tell us ALL our options when we get sick and not just the ones that make the pharmaceutical industry richer?  We turn to our doctors in times of illness and trust that they have our best interests at heart, that they will "cure" us.   When, in reality, they WORK for Big Pharma, as Sales Reps.  How many times have you heard "We are not really sure what caused this, but here is a prescription.  Try this for a couple of weeks and see how it works for you, and get back to me."  Can you say GUINEA PIG?

What everyday appliance in your kitchen has been banned in Russia since the 1970's?

YOU WILL BE SHOCKED to learn the TRUTH about what the "fluoride" that is being dumped in our water supply really is and where it comes from!  You might be noticing that more and more counties and municipalities in Canada and the United States are starting to ban adding "fluoride" to our water supply.  It is finally time to expose the truth about fluoride.

Learn how dangerous that tube of toothpaste is and why there legally has to be a warning label on it.

Find out what the leading cause of death is among patients.  It's not heart disease and it's not cancer, BUT it is 100% preventable!

Have I piqued your curiosity yet?

Learn why pasteurized milk DOES NOT do a body good.  Learn the REAL reason the milk MUST be pasteurized.  Are you ready to have your eyes opened?

What chemical is hidden in our food and labelled  as "spices", that could be causing neurological damage in the long term?  And is still being put into baby foods but under a different name? What will it take for us FINALLY say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Learn the dangers of another chemical that is added in everything from soft drinks and gum to gravies, sauces, and yogurts, that could lead to obesity.

Learn what company gives the Cancer Society millions in revenues to keep their products flying off the shelves, while keeping unsuspecting consumers in the dark, literally!   When did the sun, the giver of life on this planet, become public enemy number one?

These questions are only the tip of the iceberg. You will find all the answers to these questions and hundreds more in this powerful and controversial book. A book that will help you uncover what is really behind the illnesses that continue to plague our lives and prevent us from living life to the fullest! You will discover some hard truths that will forever change your perception of the power of the human body.   You will learn that the body can indeed, cure itself!  This is a book that EVERY household should have.  Knowledge is power BUT only if you use what you know!  It is the result of years of research designed to be a real eye-opener!

Join in with the millions that are finally taking control of their health care and starting to question why the body is doing what is does, what causes it, and how to help it heal itself WITHOUT dangerous pharmaceutical drugs! If we don't speak out and insist on the more natural route for our health from our health care providers, new diseases will continue to emerge only to be followed by new and more powerful drugs. It is a vicious cycle and who knows where we will end up?  Have we surrendered our right to be healthy?  Will we forever have to chase a cure?

One person CAN make a difference!

Download it NOW, while it's fresh on your mind, for the LIMITED TIME ONLY price of $2.99CAD.   It could end up saving you $1000's in drug costs in the long run!    It is an instant download so no shipping costs involved!   Hard copies available at $34.99CAD plus shipping and handling by contacting me direct.   Please use the "Contact Us" page on this site!  All payment processing is handled securely through PayPal.


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