My Mission

Sick of being sick?  Welcome to my website!  It is for those of us who know we should treat our bodies better, but don’t like change, don’t know where to begin or think that living healthy is full of too many rules and too hard to do. THAT WAS ME! I am learning every day that it is not really as hard to feel healthy as I used to think. Small changes and simple choices can make a HUGE difference. The more knowledge you arm yourself with, the better able you will be to make an informed decision on your health care and start to feel healthy again.   Begin by downloading the FREE HERBAL GUIDE below!    AND for a limited time, I am practically GIVING AWAY a copy of my eBook, Sick of Being Sick! I have lowered the cost from CAD19.99 to ONLY CAD2.99 in order to get it into the hands of more of you! Time to take our lives back! So do not hesitate as this is a limited time offer and can end at any time!


In this day and age, more information is available to more people than ever before, you need only to do the research. Cancer touched my family in 2005, and since then,  I have done independent research and read hundreds of books and websites regarding how the body works. I have been astounded and I hope you will come to agree that the vessel that houses your essence is truly a remarkable work of nature, capable of healing itself with the help of nature itself and a good healthy dose of positive belief!


I wish you much success on your life’s journey and if I can be of any assistance, you need only send me an email! Keep in mind that “Rome was not built in a day”, nor will you feel healthy after just one day of supplements.


I say this because, it took a long time to get to the health state you are in today, be it good or not so good. It will take a bit of time for your body’s natural healing ability to kick in. I can promise you that if you make little changes, slowly, your body will begin to feel healthy again. All any of us needs are the right tools. I hope that this website will help with those tools.


Also, it is vitally important that if you are currently taking any medication on a regular basis, that you do not stop taking it without consulting your health care practitioner. As with any drug, your body has grown accustomed to regular medication and suddenly ceasing this could throw your body into a state of severe withdrawal. Take your time, do your research and if you can, consult a reputable naturopathic doctor. They have spent upwards of 8 years and more learning how the body works and heals. Which drugs used to suppress which bodily symptoms, are not a part of their education.


I would like to leave you with the following quote from Dr. Oz, “People don’t re-act to what they KNOW, they re-act to what they FEEL.”  Please do not wait to FEEL ill, help your body, little by little, every day, so that you will always FEEL HEALTHY!  Be open to possibilities and the magic that is your life.  We are what we believe we are!


I hope you enjoy the learning that you will find here on these pages and put into practice some of what you learn.  Bookmark this site as new pages are being added often!  Join me on this fascinating journey of discovery so that you can no longer say, I am sick of being sick!


Free Herbal GuideBook Nov.2013