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Since my father passed away after the treatments he received for colon cancer in 2005, I have been on a mission to find out why this “disease” has continued to grow and kill thousands and thousands more people year after year even though, billions have been raised in “finding a cure” for cancer.

What I have found has been heart breaking. I decided that people need to know more about what ails them, then perhaps we can stop the senseless deaths or at least ease their suffering.   All the “pink ribbon” campaigns, all the “Walk for the Cure” and “Run for the Cure” gimmicks, are just a money grab for the billion dollar cancer business.  YES, BUSINESS!!  “They” will never tell you that some cancers can be cured using food grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), or cottage cheese and flax seed oil, or apricot seeds, or maple syrup and baking soda…  WHY you ask, do they let so many die from cancer, when so many can be cured?  Who knows..population control while making billions in the process?

It is my passion to educate people and teach them to question the protocols of modern medicine regarding their health care options instead of passing off their suppression of symptoms as “cures”.   It is our right to live a long and healthy life, free of pain, suffering and disease, including cancer.

We, as a society in general, are taught to not question authorities.  I believe that if we know something is not right, then we MUST have the courage to raise the important questions.

This is my hope for this website; that it may be used as a springboard for change. 

For example, cancer is not so much a deadly disease as it is an imbalance in your immune system.  The more people who are aware that disease is an abnormal state, the better chance we have of really ending the suffering.   You must understand that there are no “quick fixes”.   Drugs can only suppress your symptoms, they CANNOT cure them.  Never have, NEVER will.  They help you deal with the state that your body is in.  They do not restore your body’s natural state of health and vitality. If you were not BORN with it, you developed it somewhere along the way.  You can therefore, UN-DEVELOP it!

One person CAN make a difference!  I look forward to all your comments, and suggestions.

I wish you much health and happiness in your life’s journey!

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